Fairy Godlover

She's spent twelve years working tirelessly to feed and clothe disadvantaged families.

Kelsey Schroder always thought that fairy godmothers were the stuff of fairy tales, so when she receives a letter from Faerie Guardians, Inc. informing her of the pending arrival of her very own guardian, she's more than a bit skeptical. She's pleasantly surprised then a ball of light and magic dances into her bedroom and bursts into the form of a person—but she isn't quite prepared for the six feet of sinew and muscle in an orange satin suit that remains when the pixie dust settles.

He's spent two centuries catering to the whims and notions of disadvantaged kids.

Sebastian Phate is accustomed to surprised stares. After all, human children did tend to believe what they saw in the movies, and his profession had always been grossly misrepresented. He did not expect the surprised stare to be on the face of a beautiful shapely woman. Surely there must be some mistake.

Can anyone say 'repressed sexual desires'?

While the FGI takes its time investigating (hmmm...), Kelsey and Sebastian concede that while serving others is rewarding, neglecting self is not. Both find they are more adventurous than they ever dreamed, and together they discover that hedonism is even better than it's cracked up to be.

--Originally published in 2004 by Phaze Books. Typos fixed and re-released by author in 2024.

"Devi Sparks has written the hottest, funniest, sexiest, most emotional book I've had the pleasure to read! Fairy Godlover has all the aspects of a true erotic romance; sex, laughter, sex, plot, sex, laughter, and love. Did I mention that this story was full of sex and laughter?" FIVE STARS! —Vikky Bertling, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"A fine example of what erotica is all about. Bravo, Ms. Sparks!" FIVE RIBBONS —Miaka Chase, Romance Junkies

4.5 stars and a TOP PICK for May 2005, Romantic Times Magazine